Privacy Policy

This page details the privacy policy for this website. This page was last updated on 15 July 2021.

What private data do I collect?

I, Keri Karandrakis, am a sole proprietor/self-employed editor. I require the use of the following private data so that I can contact clients:

  • names (legal and pseudonyms)
  • email addresses and other contact information

When you use the Contact page on my website, you are voluntarily providing this information. Each contact “entry” is stored in a WordPress archive in a password-protected account.

Once I contact you back, your email address and name are stored in my password-protected email account, along with any communications we have together through that medium.

In addition to the above, I also require the use the following private data in order to conduct my business once we have decided to work together:

  • Payment information
  • manuscripts

This information is stored in my password-protected email. Copies of the manuscripts are stored on my password-protected computer. Copies of the manuscripts that are attached to emails are also stored in my email. Payment information (insofar as your transaction(s) with me) is stored in my account with the payment medium, such as PayPal.

Jetpack collects the following information when you visit this site:

  • your country
  • what pages you view
  • where you were referred from, if you were
  • what you click on

This is standard for WordPress sites. This information is available to me, but the aforementioned personal data (name, email, etc.) is not connected to it.

If you choose to comment on a post on this website, the name that you provide, as well as your WordPress account name if you are logged in, is publicly visible to any visitor of this website, and so are the contents of your comment. Your email address and IP address are available to me in my site admin center when you comment, along with the aforementioned information that is available publicly. This is stored for as long as your comment remains on the website.

What public data do I collect?

In addition to the private data I collect when you contact me, I also collect public information at the end of the project. Once your book has been released, I link to its point of purchase on my Portfolio page so that prospective clients can see what I’ve worked on.

The following publicly available information will appear on my site:

  • the book’s title
  • the author name (whether this is your legal name or a pseudonym)
  • the location of the book on a platform such as Amazon

Additionally, I will explain the service(s) I provided for your manuscript on its Portfolio entry. These entries are created by default, but you may request that I don’t create one for you.

Do I share your data?

Your data is not intentionally shared with anyone unless you explicitly consent. An example of this consent is voluntarily writing a Testimonial for my website.

Occasionally, I may not be able to accommodate your editing request and I will refer you to another editor. Should this happen, I may inform the editor(s) that I have referred you. I share your name and details about your project with the editor so that they know to expect a communication from you.

If I am made aware of a data breach affecting any of these containers, I will notify you if possible.

How long is your data stored?

If you decide to work with me, I retain your name, email address, and information about your transaction(s) with me for three years for tax purposes. Everything else you provide (except payment transactions – see below) is retained for the same period of time unless you request that it is deleted sooner.

If you decide not to work with me, any information you have provided to me is deleted after one year, in case you change your mind or reach out to me again, unless you request its deletion sooner.

Please note that I can delete my copies of this data, but WordPress, Gmail, and payment mediums such as PayPal may retain data separately. Please see the respective privacy policies for those entities to understand what they keep.

Please note that PayPal transactions cannot be deleted, only archived.

What if you want your data deleted?

Please contact me, and I will delete it to the best of my ability.