Now Available: Manuscript Critique


Sometimes your book has been through a few rounds of self-editing and beta reading, but it still isn’t quite there yetNow, I’m offering a service that aims to help you identify your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.

Manuscript critique is exactly what it sounds like. The basics: I read your manuscript and tell you what I think needs improvement.

But Keri, that sounds like developmental editing

It’s very similar, but not quite the same. My manuscript critiques are a bit less in-depth than the ones that come with my developmental editing service. It’s intended for books that may not need quite as much help as one going through developmental editing.

Because it’s less detailed than developmental editing, it costs less than developmental editing. It is not intended to be a substitute, but it is great if you’re on a budget.

If you’re interested in a manuscript critique, head on over to the contact page. I’ll be waiting for you!

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